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Ogiek Land Cases
Historical Injustices

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Published at Egerton, Nakuru
2004, Ogiek Welfare Council
     P.O. Box 12069
     Nakuru, Kenya
Towett J. Kimaiyo

Citations of this book may be made freely but copyright is vested in the author. Opinions expressed here are those of the authors and are endorsed by Ogiek Welfare Council, which is responsible for the contents of this publication.

Support by:
     Ford Foundation, East and Central African office, Nairobi
     International Working Group for Indigenous Affairs, Denmark


     This book is dedicated to the entire Ogiek community and their patriotic leaders for choosing to oppose the oppressive land laws and the suppressive conservational policies and practices. The successive regimes on executing their duties, orchestrated the historical injustices that were to follow as manifested in their official laws and policies. The incidence of November 18, 1995, where the Ogiek peaceful demonstrators were violently dispersed and all avenues of mediation blocked is recorded in history of turning point. The Ogiek heroes of November 12,1996, who at Molo courts resisted the misuse of our penal institutions by the mighty and powerful and fought vigorously, adds the much needed flavour. They later went to parliament with a memorandum titled “Help us live in our ancestral lands and retain our humanity as Kenyans of Ogiek origin” dated 16/7/1996.


     The completion of this work has been made possible by the concerted efforts of a number of people and organisations to which I owe my most sincere gratitude. First I would like to thank the Ogiek Welfare Council for providing me with space and opportunity to research and compile this book. I would like to specially acknowledge the intellectual and co-operative peerage of researches on the Ogiek community. The Ogiek Council of Elders, the late Mr. Parsaloi Saitoti Orop Monoso and his age group of Staron Meitubuny, Sigilai Taraya, Ngenywa Chepkobei, Toroigo Nemunge, Ngeiywa Kisato, Kenyinge Ringaso, Sembui Oris, Simon Rana, Mama Tapkelong Monoso, Seriseri Mageei Kimitir and the Ogiek elites Messrs Simon Ngayami, Solomon Kones Tiepogasi, and Daniel Chesot, Kipsang Kilel and Joel Torigo. Others are Lumumba Odenda, Dr. Johnson Masai Changeiywo and Chris Machafu.

     Mwangi Jane Muthoni gets special attention for her tireless efforts in typing and ensuring the contents are updated.

     Finally, I am grateful to the Ford Foundation, East and central Africa office for providing Research financial resources and the International Working Group for Indigenous Affairs (IWGIA Denmark) for providing publication funds.

     The contents of this book are wholly attributed to the author and do not in any way represent the views of the individuals mentioned and institutions acknowledged.


AD Anno Domini     The year before our Lord
HIV/AIDS HIV- Human Immune Virus
AIDS-Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome
DR Doctor
KIFCON Kenya Indigenous Forest Conservation and Nature Programme
OPNA Ogiek Peoples National Assembly
OWC Ogiek Welfare Council
OM Ogiek term meaning the “setting up of the sun” or “west”
HCCA High Court Civil Application
PFO Provincial Forest Officer
H.E His Excellency
I.D Identity Card
P.C Provincial Commissioner
SRMCC Senior Resident Magistrate Civil Case
IWIGIA International Working Group on Indigenous Affairs
D.C District Commissioner

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Copyright © 2004, Ogiek Welfare Council and Towett J. Kimaiyo.
Reproduced with permission of Towett Kimaiyo.
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