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Ogiek Land Cases
Historical Injustices

Detailed Table of Contents

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Sep   All    Contents
Sep   All    Dedication
Sep   All    Acknowledgement
Sep   All    Abbreviations
Sep   All   Executive Summary
Sep   All   Chapter 1: Introduction
Sep   All   Chapter 2: Background
Sep   All    Profile
Sep   All    Education
Sep   All    Health
Sep   All    Socio-Political Rights
Sep   All   Chapter 3: The Economy
Sep   All   Chapter 4: Constitution
Sep   All   Chapter 5: Historical Injustices
Sep   All    Pre-Colonial and Colonial
Sep   All    Post-Colonial Injustices
Sep   All    Efforts
Sep   All   Chapter 6: Kenya Land Policy since 1900
Sep   All    The Trespass Act, Chapter 294
Sep   All    The Registered Land Act, Chapter 300
Sep   All    Trust Land Act, Chapter 288
Sep   All    The Forest Act, Chapter 385
Sep   All    The Wildlife (Conservation And Management) Act, Chapter 376
Sep   All    The Agriculture Act, Chapter 318
Sep   All    The Water Act, Chapter 372
Sep   All    The Fisheries Act, Chapter 378
Sep   All    Government Land Act, Chapter 280
Sep   All    Land Adjudication Act, Chapter 284
Sep   All    The Land (Group Representatives) Act, Chapter 287
Sep   All    The Antiquities And Monuments Act, Chapter 215
Sep   All    Chief Authority Act, Chapter 128
Sep   All   Chapter 7: Dispossession
Sep   All    East Mau
Sep   All    Narok
Sep   All    Enoosupukia Region
Sep   All    Southwest and Western Mau
Sep   All    Tinet
Sep   All    Facts
Sep   All    Ndoinet
Sep   All    Londiani
Sep   All    Koibatek
Sep   All    Laikipia
Sep   All    Mount Elgon
Sep   All   Chapter 8: The Reality
Sep   All    Message
Sep   All    Tidings
Sep   All   Chapter 9: The Struggle
Sep   All    Facts
Sep   All    Commencement
Sep   All    Conspiracy
Sep   All    Independence
Sep   All    Two Decades
Sep   All   Chapter 10: The Aftermath
Sep   All    The Settlement
Sep   All    Threats
Sep   All    Attempts
Sep   All   Chapter 11: The Future
Sep   All    Legal Policy
Sep   All    Recommendations
Sep   All   Chapter 12: Indigenous Peoples And Land
Sep   All    The Concept of Indigenous Peoples
Sep   All    Lands and Territories
Sep   All    Native Title (Indigenous Title to Land)
Sep   All    Conflict with the National Economy
Sep   All    Justice Ministry
Sep   All    Ogiek Cases
Sep   All    Interventions
Sep   All    Forest Policy
Sep   All    Draft Constitution 2003
Sep   All    Village Point
Sep   All    Locational Government
Sep   All    Conclusions
Sep   All   Appendices
Sep   All    Appendix 1: Gazette Notice No. 890
Sep   All    Appendix 2: Alteration of Boundaries — Southwestern Mau and Western Mau Forest
Sep   All    Appendix 3: Gazette Notice No. 889
Sep   All    Appendix 4: Alteration of Boundaries — Eastern Mau Forest
Sep   All    Appendix 5: Gazette Notice No. 901
Sep   All    Appendix 6: Legal Notice No. 145
Sep   All    Appendix 7: Standing Committee on Human Rights (Kenya) and its Terms of Reference
Sep   All    Appendix 8: Joint Statement by Ministers Murungaru and Kulundu
Sep   All    Appendix 9: Re: Dorobo Representative in Keekonyokie Section
Sep   All    Appendix 10: Letter from Guy Yeoman to Joseph Kipkoech
Sep   All    Appendix 11: Letter re Koita Squatters
Sep   All    Appendix 12: Letter re Allocation of Land-Mau-Che Settlement Scheme
Sep   All    Appendix 13: Letter re Acknowledgement for 60 Acres Land Allocation for Full Gospel Churches of Kenya Development Projects
Sep   All    Appendix 14: Letter re Plight of Ndorobo People at Eburu Forest Reserve
Sep   All    Appendix 15: Open Letter to the NARC Government
Sep   All    Appendix 16: Mission Objectives of the Special Rapporteur on Adequate Housing
Sep   All    Appendix 17: Resolution on the Adoption of the “Report of the African Commission’s Working Group on Indigenous Populations/Communities"
Sep   All    Appendix 18: Letter re SRM/NRK/Civil Case No. 19 of 1997
Sep   All    Appendix 19: Letter re Status of Esinoni Group Ranch
Sep   All    Tribute
Sep   All    Bibliography
Sep   All    Genealogy
Sep   All    Back Cover

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