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How to Make a Website for Free

About This Site

Background of this Site
Other Sites on my Kenya Trip

Background of this Site
by Marshall Burns

     On my visit to Kenya in early 2007, I met several people who had interesting ideas for projects and organizations to improve things for Kenya and for Africa. When I asked if they had websites to explain their ideas to people, I was often told that it costs too much money to have a website and they could not afford it. But the fact is that there are a number of facilities available on the Internet that provide the ability to make and keep up a website for no cost at all, except for the cost of connecting to the Internet while setting it up.

     So in March, I offered a free class for anyone who was interested in how to create a website on the Internet for free. Then, in order to give the people in the class a place to review what they had learned and to offer the same information to people who couldn’t get to the class, I set up this site. While this was initially prepared for my friends in Kenya, the information here is applicable anywhere. Good luck with your project!

     This site is a gift to my new friends in Kenya and to activists elsewhere who are working for a better world and are just getting started in using the powerful technology of the Internet as a tool in their work.

     After making arrangements for my class, I found out we had extra time available in the room, so I also offered a free showing of the movie, The Empire in Africa.

     The room for the class and movie were made available with the generous support of Charles Macharia.


Version notes:
2007 03 31 S:    Site posted
2007 04 02 M:    Fixed spelling on home page, added these version notes
2009 06 12 F:    Moved site from GeoCities to another free Web hosting service, Tripod, since GeoCities service is shutting down. Replaced specific step-by-step instructions for setting up a site in GeoCities with general suggestions for using any of the free services.

Other Sites on my Kenya Trip

     This is one of several sites created during my two and a half months in Kenya, Africa in early 2007. The others are:
Disillusion and Hope on the Dark Continent
Who Owns Kenya? — What is the Queen Doing in Parliament?
The Last Mau Mau — Kenya’s Freedom Heroes or Villains? by David Njagi
Ogiek Land Cases and Historical Injustices — 1902 2004 by Towett Kimaiyo
Mathare Youth Talent Organization — a site I created for them, currently maintained by MYTO themselves

     The first item is a page within my personal website. The others have been set up in Tripod, instead of in my site, in order to give examples of what can be done with a low-tech site that can be created for free, as explained on this site.

Copyright © 2007, Marshall Burns. All rights reserved.
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